The Perfect Updo for Your Upcoming Spring Events

Now that it’s spring, there are many upcoming events where you’ll dress up. Not only will you be searching for the perfect shoes to match, you’ll also be searching for the perfect updo. Here’s some of the different updo’s that will ‘wow’ others.

Braid updo’s look very elegant and with a little hairspray, will hold throughout your event well. The braid hawk is a braid that goes up the middle of your head, you can create this look even with short hair. A flower crown braid has two braids wrapped around the top of your head, the look is perfected by adding flowers in between the two braids. A loose updo with waterfall braids looks romantic and is perfect for long hair.

The ballerina-inspired updo is a simple bun up top, finished with a satin bow. For a more elegant look, the braid-and-bun will create a beautiful look. The bun sits high on the back of your head and leads into a French braid. Our favorite is the fishtail twist bun, which has a fishtail braid that wraps from the side of your head and around a low lying bun.

Short Hair Updo’s
If your hair is short, there’s still plenty of updo’s that allow you to look your best. The pin-back waves create an elegant look and you can secure with bobby pins or a beautiful clip. A boho twist features a braid that goes from the side to the back and lots of free wisps of hair. Pinback your hair, and place in a bun. Don’t forget those elegant hair accessories that can perfect any look!

We know that choosing an updo can be difficult. Our expert stylists are up-to-date on the latest hair trends and can recommend both popular and unique looks that will leave your friends astonished. You’ll leave Air Salon & Blow Dry Bar looking and feeling your very best. We have three locations to serve you – Mandeville, Baton Rouge, and Covington. Call to schedule an appointment at the location that’s most convenient for you.