A Guide on Hair Parts for the Shape of Your Face

Choosing a new hairstyle takes time and thought, just as choosing how to part your hair should too. Did you know that parting your hair can make or break a hairstyle? It can also enhance your best features and soften others. You’ll be able to get a good look at what hair part is best for your face with our quick guide. And, if you’re still not sure, be sure to ask your stylist the next time you’re in.

Round Face
If you have a round face, parting your hair in the middle will slim down your features. This will give the illusion that your face is longer and slimmer. Having hair that is long and sleek will add to the slimming effect. You can also part your hair to the deep side – be sure to highlight your best side when doing so.

Square Face
If your face is square, you have a very defined angular face. Parting your hair to the side will soften your jawline and add fullness to your cheeks. Keep your part before or along the line of the arch of your eyebrow. If you part further than that, you’ll draw attention to your jawline.

Heart Face
For a heart shaped face, you’ll want to part your hair in the middle if your hair is long. This will best compliment your look by slimming your cheeks and appearing to add volume to your jawline. If you have short hair, it’s best to part your hair on the side.

Long Face
If you have a long face and wish to add more volume to your cheeks, you’ll want to part in the middle or have a deep side part. This will make your face appear rounder and shorter. Curly locks add even more width to your facial appearance.

Oval Face
If you have an oval face, then you’re lucky enough to part your hair any way you’d like. An oval face has very even features that are balanced as is. Take advantage of your versatile beauty and mix it up.

Parting your hair is just one part of the equation. You’ll want to be sure your hair length and style help to accentuate your best features. We have a team of skilled artisans at Air Salon & Blow Dry Bar that are committed to helping you find the perfect look. You’ll leave our salon looking and feeling your very best, and we have three locations to serve you – Mandeville, Baton Rouge, and Covington. Call to schedule an appointment at the location that’s most convenient for you.