Regular Facials Are More Than Just a Luxury

There is nothing quite like the feeling of soft, smooth skin. While we all follow a diligent daily skincare routine at home, every once in a while, it’s a great idea to let the professionals add a little extra TLC to your skincare routine. More than just another way to pamper yourself, facials are skin treatments that can specifically address any areas of concern you may have with your skin. The estheticians at Air Salon & Blow Dry Bar are highly trained to help you achieve- and maintain- beautiful skin.

The first step will be consulting with your esthetician who will analyze your skin, talk to you about your skin concerns, and help you learn how to care for your particular needs. Your skin type will be determined, and based upon this a treatment will be recommended that will best address your concerns. Here, we’ll discuss the different types of facials we offer and the skin problems they can help address.

Clogged pores. Regular removal of dead skin cells is very important for the health of your skin. Dead skin cells will clog pores, resulting in excess production of natural oils, which then lead to blemishes and acne. Removing the dead cells will uncover a fresh layer of new cells, resulting in healthier skin that glows. Our Glow and Go facial is a quick procedure that will remove dead skin cells- and all your pesky peach fuzz- using pain-free dermaplaning. You’ll notice a smooth, glowing face immediately afterward.

Acne. If you’re struggling with acne, we have a facial that will stop the never-ending cycle. Our Clarifying facial will help reduce oil and prevent future breakouts. You’ll achieve healthy, blemish-free skin in no time with regular treatments.

Inflamed, irritated skin. Our Calm & Soothe treatment will calm irritated skin that is sensitive to products or environmental factors. Sensitive skin needs to be handled with the greatest of care, and this treatment is a great first step to soothing the irritation and helping your skin regain its natural balance.

Fine lines and wrinkles. Age Rewind is an ultra moisturizing facial, which will revitalize your skin and improve its elasticity. This, in turn, will help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. With regular treatments, you’ll begin to see more youthful looking skin.

Hyperpigmentation. Radiance for Distinctive Skin is a treatment that will balance your skin tone. With this treatment, we can reduce the appearance of hyperpigmentation and help you enjoy a more even complexion.

More than just an hour of relaxation, facial treatments are a great way to show your skin some love. Our team of skilled estheticians at Air Salon & Blow Dry Bar are committed to helping you achieve beautiful skin. You’ll leave our spa looking and feeling your very best, and we have three locations to serve you – Mandeville, Baton Rouge, and Covington. Call to schedule an appointment at the location that’s most convenient for you.