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We understand the fear of your first visit when you don't know the stylist you're going to meet. That's exactly why we offer our exclusive Meet Your Stylist survey! Take a few minutes to try it for yourself, and see which of our fabulous stylist are the best fit for you.

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    Gayle | Owner / Stylist

    Gayle started out in the beauty industry in a Lafayette salon but quickly put her sights on the fashion industry in California. She moved to Los Angeles and began working as a stylist for television. While there, she also began modeling for Wilhelmina and gained connections in the advertising community of LA. She sharpened her skills for fashion and style in LA. and took her knowledge of advertising styling to the east coast. She moved to South Carolina and worked on a production set focusing on wardrobes, makeup, and hair. She learned even more about fashion personalities and hair styling while in show business.

    Gayle then was given the opportunity to work for Oschner in their Image Center. This is where she learned just how much she enjoyed giving back. While at Oschner she worked side by side with the plastic surgery, oncology, dermatology, and infectious disease departments. Gayle handled all the makeovers and was trained in San Fransisco on Camouflage Therapy for burn survivors and the transformative line of skin care-Obagi. Gayle then built a salon in her home so she she could be closer to her growing family. From there she was encouraged by her husband to open a salon and mentor young stylists.On a trip to California Gayle fell in love with the blow out concept and shortly thereafter Air opened as the first of its kind in Louisiana. The rest is history. Gayle currently specializes in cuts and color at Air however she spends majority of her time coaching other stylists. 


    Rebecca | Stylist

    Rebecca began her beauty career behind the front desk of a salon but quickly saw that her place would be behind the chair. She saw the opportunity to meet all types of people from all walks of life and the chance to have complete creativity in her work. She decided cosmetology was for her and attended Paul Mitchell and began her love affair with all things beauty. Rebecca specializes in cut and color where she enjoys a more natural and healthy approach to hair design. 


    Carrie | Stylist

    Carrie provides services in haircuts, highlighting, balayage, hair extensions, evolve hair system, and styling. Her first love however was makeup. She has years of experience creating volume, thickness, and length using hair extensions and is certified in Evolve Volumizers and Extensions. Carrie has a true love and passion for women suffering hair loss. She works her magic to allow women to feel like themselves again and finds no greater joy then seeing them smile. Carrie's only wish is to make sure every client that sits in her chair receives the best experience they have ever had in any salon.


    Gina | Stylist

    Gina who comes to us from the "bottom of the boot" Buras, Louisiana brings talent and honesty to the Mandeville area! She focuses on her health and always puts her guest's health first as well. She has pursued training to learn techniques for keeping hair healthy while making it beautiful! Her favorite moment at Air was when a guest of her's felt sensation in her legs while Gina was massaging her scalp at the shampoo bowl. This was an incredible moment for her guest and Gina becuase her guest suffered with neuropathy! That day confirmed her belief that she was meant to be in this industry providing services like this and changing people's lives.


    Madison | Stylist

    From a young age, Madison knew Cosmetology was for her. She was always the one, among her fiends, doing everyones hair and makeup. Because of this, her passion became obvious to her pretty quickly. While attending Aveda she was a part of the Full Potential team and to this day, she helps with The Miracle League.  Being in the service industry gives her the opportunity make people feel beautiful, confident and encouraged. Madison's ultimate goal is to travel the world and having the opportunity to teach other hungry artists. 


    Adrienne | Stylist

    Bio coming soon!!


    Lisa | Stylist

    Lisa is an enthusiastic, life giving and diligent worker who has been in the industry for over 25 years. In college, while working as a receptionist in a salon, she came to realize that she desired to make people look and feel better about themselves. What Lisa loves most about her job is that she gets the privilege to lift people up during each appointment. She has the unique opportunity to talk with people, as well as to listen to their stories. Not only does she love making her guests feel better on the outside, but she is also able to really touch their heart as well. Lisa's main goal is to add life and love to each guest that she is privileged to serve. She strives to give her best to each and every guest and coworker, and to be an example of hard work and determination. Her desire is to be a light in a hurting world and to bring hope and encouragement to those around her!


    Taylor | Stylist

    Taylor has always been drawn to the Cosmetology world. What she loves most about this industry is that it provides constant opportunities to grow, paired with continuing education. Her goal is to build a clientele to enable her to use her creativity. Taylor loves the ability to hear her guest's needs, use her creativity to accomplish it and ultimately making them feel good. One of Taylor's main focuses is to serve her guest's to her fullest and giving them the best experience possible. 


    Brandy | Stylist

    Brandy has always loved bringing joy to her friends and family which is why she is a perfect fit for Air's team. She fell in love with all things beauty while watching her Aunt perform cuts and colors through the 80's and 90's and pursued her career in Cosmetology after high school. She has a kind spirit and is open to learning every day from her peers. Brandy has furthered her education with multiple Kerastase, makeup and updo classes. 


    Lindsay | Stylist

    Lindsay began her career in cosmetology while in high school. She worked in her step-mother's salon and early on developed a love for the opportunity to make people feel their best, with the art of hair. She has always enjoyed the relational aspect of working in a Salon, and as a mother of three boys, while very busy, she looks forward to her days in the Salon to spend time with her guests'. Lindsay's ultimate career goal is to one day own a Salon. 


    Courtney | Stylist

    Courtney grew up in a salon environment, being that her Grandmother was a stylist. It was then that noticed and began to love the connection and impact a stylist can have on a guest. She chose this career because she wants to make an impact on people's lives. Courtney's goal is to make every guest she encounters to feel beautiful and confident. She wants to build a clientele that she has relationships with and has built lifetime connections with. 


    Kaitlin | Stylist

    Upon graduating high school, Kaitlin tried college, but not long into it realized that her passion for hair hadn't gone away. She then decided to attend Aveda to get her hairstylist license. Kaitlin's love for hair is non stop. She enjoys expanding her knowledge of this industry whenever she gets the chance. The ability to impact people's lives and self esteem is something she doesn't take lightly. Hearing a guest's excitement of their transformation is one of her favorite things. One of Kaitlin's goals is to build a clientele that she can impact and always have fun!


    Jonathan | Stylist

    Jonathan has known since a young age, that he has had a love and passion for the Salon Industry. Being in the industry now for over 7 years, his love and passion has not wavered. He jumps at the opportunity to spend time and connect with his guests. With Jonathan's charismatic and loving personality, he hopes to bring life and joy to each guest he comes into contact with.  Listed are just a few of Jonathan's achievements:  has been featured in "American Art Collection", Scene and Gambit Magazine, has done hair for the cast of Ravenswood, has participated in NOLA fashion week, has done hair for several Saintsations and has catered to Celebrities for their hair needs. 


    Kailyn | Stylist

    Kailyn is a graduate of Aveda and has certainly found her niche. She knew from early on that this was her career path and pursued it right out of high school. Kailyn is creative, hard working and determined. She loves the opportunity to personalize each request given by her guest for their hair. Creativity is a must for her and she loves making people feel beautiful! Kailyn's goal is to never stop learning or growing in her profession. She is determined to provide the best services and the latest and greatest that this industry has to offer. 


    Courtney C. | Stylist

    Bio coming soon!


    Samantha | Stylist

    Samantha is an energetic, bubbly and artistic stylist who knew early on in her life that she wanted to do hair. In 2017 she won a full scholarship to Aveda and graduated with a certification in extensions.The moment she enrolled in Cosmetology school, she knew this was the right path for her. Samantha loves her job because it allows her to make a living while not feeling like she has a typical job. She is honored to have the opportunity to play a special role in her guest's lives. Samanthas goal is to not only make a physical change, but also a mental and emotional change within her guest's.   She can't see herself doing anything else in life. 


    Bre | Stylist

    Bre has always had a passion for doing hair and makeup. She realized very quickly that this would be the career for her because she could never say no to whoever asked her to do their hair. Bre believes that every person deserves to be happy and feel amazing, and this job allows her to provide that for each and every one of her guest's. Her goal is to make the most of everything and her dream is to expand her work and grow as much as she can. One day Bre would love to travel and be well known around the world as an Artist. 


    Abagail | Stylist

    All through high school, Abagail was a part of Performing Arts, which always included doing hair to an extent. This was the beginning of her interest in hair. Abagail loves the opportunity to give people the tools and knowledge to feel confident and great about themselves. Her career goals include opening her own Salon one day and becoming a brand ambassador. Abagail is easy going, happy and helpful. She is excited to encounter people and have the opportunity to transform their lives for the better!

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