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Senior Stylist
Reaching this level is a lifelong career ambition for any stylist. One can only reach this level after many years on the salon floor, honing ones craft, developing a unique identity and style, while at the same time, growing a consistent clientele and remaining 95% booked. These stylists share their passion and technique with the apprentices within the salon.  

Experienced Stylist
Becoming an Experienced Stylist is a significant career milestone at Air. These stylists are recognized as a reliable source of technique and skill. At this level most stylists have been in the industry an average of five to ten years and has developed a strong following. With many classes under their belt and a devoted clientele, these stylists focus on guest experience and satisfaction.

Mentor Stylist
A Mentor Stylist is one who is in high demand and has mastered advanced techniques in color formulation and application as well as hair cutting, and styling. Mentor Stylists share their knowledge with the Intern Stylists and Airstylists by teaching classes and providing coaching sessions. Mentor stylists are leaders within our salon in every aspect who work with the experienced and senior stylists to coordinate our education program.

Intern Stylist
An Intern Stylist at Air has a strong passion for the industry and an unending drive to explore all aspects of the hair/fashion world. These stylists are recent graduates from our education program and have progressed from the Blow Dry Bar. These stylists are on a direct path that will catapult their career to the next level.

An Airstylist has spent no less than 2 months perfecting our signature styles and will spend another 6 months in our education program. Many of our Airstylists are recent graduates from renowned cosmetology colleges filled with excitement and energy. These individuals possess all of the qualities that will take them to the next level through our career path but focus the majority of their time providing breath-taking Airstyles on our blow dry side.


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