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For over 50 years women and men had only hues of red, black, blonde, and the brunette shades in between, but in 2012 the dip dyed hair trend told the everyday person that bold, out of the box color was attainable AND wearable! Flash forward four years and the bolder colors aren't going anywhere! With lines like Pravana and treatments like Olpalex, the entire color pallette is up for grabs. The colors aren't just for the rockstar, art student, or starbucks barista-no-more business professionals are stretching the norm and branching out to fun pastels, neons, and more! Here are a few of our favorites from the past few years. We hope you love them as much as we do and ONLY trust a professional with your next bold color! 

Air Life

Globally, one in thirteen people experience anxiety, that’s 7.3% of the population. 
Stress is normal to us as humans and has helped us survive as a species for millions of years. In ancient times when we stressed it was due to famine, disease, or other life threatening situations. Our stress chemicals told our brain how to react. If we needed to store fat, secrete antibodies, or quickly react to a wild beast, our brains used stress to our benefit.

Fast forward and now we stress over work deadlines, upcoming events, or speaking in public. These situations are in fact not life-threathening but our brains do not know the difference. In fact due to our diets we have put our bodies into a constant state of stress due to magnesium deficciency. 

Our owner, Mike Reuling, stumbled upon Ease a topical Magneisum spray last year. He began using it to help with energy levels and lack of sleep after discovering the reality of his deficiency. Rather quickly he noticed a huge difference in how he felt and how his body responded to excersie. After thinking about how many conversations in the salon are centered around stress, lack of energy, and sleep he thought he should share his discovery with our guests. 

Want to learn more about Ease and how magnesium defficieny is ruining your health? Read below the four symptoms of magnesium defficincy to see if you think it is effecting your life and wellbeing. 

ATP energy in our bodies cannot be adequately produced without Magnesium.
And ATP Energy is the currency of our body's life.
So to heal and maintain proper function, you MUST be producing adequate bodily energy.

This requires 3 major keys:
— Proper DNA synthesis
— Proper cellular balance & function
— Required nutrients and ATP - (your body’s cellular energy fuel)

To function properly, your body needs proper vitamins and minerals.
Vitamin uptake — (Vital vitamins in your diet can’t and don’t get properly absorbed without sufficient minerals in your system, like Magnesium!) — leading to any list of bodily malfunction.
So just like your body desperately requires magnesium, it also can’t get and properly use other necessary nutrients adequetely, in the absence of magnesium.

— Calcium disrupts your sodium potassium pump, cellular balance, causes arterial calcification or hardening of the arteries, muscle contraction dangers, joint pain, anxiety, compromised cognition, blood sugar problems, fatigue, etc...
Not only do you get build up in your joints, tissues & muscles — which cause various aches & pains, but you ALSO get “calcium plaque” buildup in your arteries!
In fact, too much calcium and too little magnesium can also cause your heart to spasm, even leading to a sudden cardiac arrest — which is why hospitals use injections of liquid magnesium to help treat approximately 50% of all heart attacks!
But the impotant thing to focus on, is that — Magnesium will actually work to clear this Calcification out!

 Most of us don’t get anywhere near enough of it.
Our society is massively and chronically sleep deprived from over work and over stress.
To maintain your health, reset, handle stressors and detox, WE NEED proper REM and delta sleep
Quantity of sleep is important, but quality of sleep is KEY.
And proper replenishment of magnesium can work wonders for sleep.

We take in a wide array on toxins on a daily basis.
From the billions of pounds of “rubber dust” that permeats our air from automobiles, to heavy metals in vaccines, dental fillings, fish and processed food and drink...
To BPA and various hormone-disrupters in plastics... to formaldahydes and PCB’s from off-gassing carpet and furnitures... to chemically-induced tap water — to GMO’s, pesticides, hormones and anti-biotics in our food.
In fact, the average person has over 50 detectable toxins in their blood from pesticides that haven’t been used for OVER 50 YEARS!!
We couldn’t avoid toxins if we tried. Not even for one day. Are bodies are constantly in a cycle of oxidative-stress.
Magnesium is key to our cellular detox.
If your body is to dispose of cellular waste, you need sufficient magnesium.
Without magnesium, the “sodium-potassium pump” within each cell, can’t operate properly...

So now that you know how deficient you are in this critical of life mineral what will you do about it? Magneisum can be found in foods such as:

  1. Kelp
  2. Almonds
  3. Cashews
  4.  Molasses
  5. Buckwheat
  6. Brazil nuts
  7. Dulse
  8. Filberts
  9. Millet
  10. Pecan
If you don't have the time or the taste for those foods then using Ease daily is your best option. We carry this amazing spray at the salon and would love to show you how it can truly change your life. 


Save Now, Pay Later

So there you are standing on isle 9 at your local drugstore staring at images of Eva Longoria, Scarlett Johansson, and Beyonce. You are waiting for your prescription to be filled but found yourself being inspired to try out your at home color skills. How did you get here?
Well the large home color companies pay a pretty penny to put beautiful images on their boxes to have you hooked on becoming your own golden goddess for a fraction of the salon cost. 

All the boxes have women looking fabulous, tossing around gorgeous locks in every shade! You think to yourself, " Well I can do this. I gave myself a spray tan last year so a little home made balayage should be nothing." 
You look at all your options: demi permanent, permanent, foaming color, who knew there were this many types of box color. You are immediately drawn to this beautiful box that sends messages to your brain that say: 

"I can do this. Look how effortlessly gorgeous my hair looks!"
"I got a B- in chemistry plus Arts and Crafts was one of my favorite classes in summer camp... so at home hair color is just like painting by numbers."
Filled with confidence and excitement to save a good 0, you head up to the check out counter.

Once you get home, read the instructions, and begin applying the color worry sets in.
"Oh, no I'm not Beyonce. And wait why would Beyonce use box color? Oh no what have I done?!!!!!"
"Why is my head itching so much?"
"Is it looking like its red or is it just the lighting in my bathroom?" 

15 minutes later...
After going outside to take pictures and coming back inside to try to get a better angle you come to the conclusion that you should have never tried this. Ever. Nothing like the box photo you selected!!! Where is the honey colored highlights painted on with the "Ombre Touch?" 

"What went wrong?"
 You look up and down over the instructions to see how you could have messed up and cannot find anything. So you realize it. Your big savings endeavor is now going to cost you big. You get on the phone and call your salon to see if you can get in ASAP! 

4 days later...

You sit in your stylist's chair, take your ponytail of shame down, and explain you have no idea what came over you. All together, your stylist and the other ladies in the salon share in a communal "we've all been there" sigh. Your professional stylist, because that is what she is, explains the process it will take to give you the look you originally wanted.

After a lesson on chemistry, hair cuticles, lightener and the blessings from the hair gods themselves-Olaplex you find out that your hair can be saved-but with a hefty price. 

0+ later you walk out of the salon with a beautiful, could make Beyonce herself jealous, new look. And think to yourself "Never again. I think I will just go get one of those adult coloring books and leave the hair coloring to the pros."

-We at Air believe there are individuals out there talented enough to understand at home color. And women who have not experienced the damaging consequences of multiple at home coloring. We can only offer this story as a glimpse into the reality of the gamble you take when you chose the DIY route. If you choose to use box color you do so at your own risk and here are just a few things to think about when deciding what is best for you:

1. Is your hair in a healthy state?-If your hair has even the tiniest bit of damage from previous color it could be the straw that breaks the camels back and literally breaks all your hair off. No one wants "hair snow"

2. Are you wanting to go more than 3 shades lighter or darker?-If your answer is yes then stop right there. Your hair 9 times out of 10 will not lift or take the desired color. Trust the professionals to big makeovers.

3. Balayage, ombre, pastels, and anything other than just applying color at the roots and then rubbing it all over is a huge NO, NOT NOW, NOT EVER! 

4. If you can't afford the salon color you won't be able to afford to fix it if things go south. Why not swing by a salon and have a free consultation. See what your options are. There may be something temporary you can do to achieve a nice look without breaking the bank. 

We understand that not everyone can have their hair colored every 4-6 weeks especially those with stubborn grey. We offer many different options as far as color (see our airExpress in the service menu) and even have products to help you hide your new growth until you can get in with us. 

Why save now to pay later?!

Gold Leaf Glamour

Gold Leafing first made its appearance on the runway in 2014 with model's gold leaf parts and brows but the trend has quickly grown since then. Gold leafing and metalics are replacing the pastels and neon trends. Fashion forward females and high end designers are now addorning their eyes, outfits, and hair with gold leaf. 
Our artistic team wanted to create a fun but chic look with gold leaf that could be worn to a New Year's Eve party. Caitlin Galan created the beautiful, messy mohawk braid and gold leaf makeup on her model Dallas. 

Caitlin used Kerastase products and Mac makeup to achieve this look. 
To build texture in the hair she applied materialiste before blow drying
She used lift vertage to help the leafing to stay and then sealed the look with Fix Fabulous.

Braided Beauties

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